All Timeless Dreams

by Gordon Raphael

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Made with love over a two day period Dec. 15-16 2012. I stridently recommend HEADPHONES, as thats what I mixed it for...Crank it!


The World
under the watchful eye
Who holds the rains and hurricanes??
Same promises the treasures of life itself

I was born to paint.
I follow the birds in the sky
My heart gathers the flowers in the fields
I know all the caves and the mountain lakes
Now I'm here, a captain in the war
Fighting the enemies of the king!

My God,
Oh God, there's a door that I can't close
The secrets hiding in my mind,
no one should ever know
I must escape to the sea,
But will I ever go??
The city walls are closing in like a prison
--if I could see her with my eyes
in a billowing summer dress,
her silken hair flowing in the wind!

Seen through my window,
all the spirits in the garden
riding thru the gates to the sun.
The horses in the forrest
crossing by the river
following the lightpath of the stars.

Silver Glow,
The night below-
See one another
clear as the ocean
all timeless dreams
release into ONE.

from Heaven her passion shown
creates the Earth and all living forms
Divines the magic in the urge to Love
respects the snow and the summer tides.

Now they have come,
with burning to the ground
a desecration to the Oracle's Dream

The Son,
taught me a simple plan-
"Dig deep in the mansions of the heart
Steer wide in the spectrum of your thoughts"

Silver Glow, the night below
(see one another deep as the Ocean)
all timeless dreams
release into ONE.


released December 16, 2012



all rights reserved


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