Analog Poodle / Cosmik Heaven

by Analog Poodle

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released December 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Analog Poodle Bellevue, Washington

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Track Name: Super Crisp Dream
we'll be runnin'
just give us a sec!

I can see the smoke
signal for the end of the joke
time to join hands
time to hand it in...
remember how to breathe?
then we can start again.
I remember how to breathe in,
breathe out
then we walk from the fire and return to the waters
with our people standing strongly all around
friends family lovers children
gems animals and flowers
right on

I will not be contained by those limits set as laws
our beauty strength and power
cannot be seen as fatal flaws- yes yes
(U know what I mean?)
run it from the top,
let's try to see it clear
what they taught us was impossible
was conditioning and fear
move to the river
flow as One.
as One!

when it comes to the rhythm and the soul
we could give 'em peace like the people never known
all around we could be creatin' that new super dream
open up the gates,
then we change the scene!
when it comes from the power of the soul
the freedom of our will, there's nothing to control.
we're really ready WO!! (move)
(yeah yo!)
we finally gotta go (the river)
(yeah yo!)
participate in the show (Flow)
(yeah yo!)
you're really gonna FLOW! (One)
(yeah yo!)

send a message from the ocean to the land
the harmony we make everyone can understand
that's because- we put it in our song
that's enough- the verses comin' strong
you might thing that this gentle sound is all you hear,
but when it comes to action-
the spirit of unity is always clear-
that's because-
the life inside us want's to show
that's enough-
alot of light is gonna glow (ah ha ho!)
Move, another mountain
Flow, as one.
(that's right-- One!)

When it comes to good rhythm and the soul
we could dish out love like the people never known
Up and down we creatin' that new super dream
open up the hearts,
and you know what I mean!
When it comes from the power in the soul,
the freedom of our will, don't need no control
we're really ready (wo!!)
this time we gotta go
the river
let's play another show
you're really gonna flow
we're really ready (wo!!)
this time we gotta go
the river
participate in the show
you'll really love the flow
we're really ready (wo!!)
this time we're gonna go
the river
lets play another show
you're really gonna flow
Track Name: down the road tomorrow
c'mon dream along not anywhere to go
the road goes on and on ya'know?
she gonna see me- 2 years gone
lonely lonely lonely
c'mon sing along there's 20 miles to go
we can see the sunshine (bright)
c'mon dream along there aint anywhere to go
the world just spins around ya'know?
ring on the bells loud and bright
then watch the clouds all disappear
you got the music in your ears
for these good times, good times
c'mon and dream along not anywhere to go
the road goes on and on ya'know
--down the road tomorrow.
Track Name: Angels On Pine Street
Angels on Pine Street
Angels on St. Marks and 3rd
Dirty strings on your Stratocaster
Sweeter chords I never heard

Peekin' through the window of that old Orlin Cafe
Hey! Thats you with your Baudelaire
Writing in your notebook every day

Angel in tight black jeans
with your Dragon tattoo,
Smiles across the ocean
I'm still in love with you

Sometimes I look back at all the faces that I've known
It was getting too comfortable-
had to run away from home.

Looking out all waves on the ocean
One by one, and no distant clouds
Peaceful inside like the stars in the sky
Shine like sapphire with a light beyond time
Every being I connect to with love
I still see you, I will be here!

Angels in heavy makeup with your army boots so green
Dancing at the bus-stop flashing your eyes across the scene
Out all night at the Pyramid with that dashing underground filmstar
No one kisses like she will- I'm on the train to where you are!
I'm on the train now,
I'm on the train so,
Meet me at St. Marks Bookshop
Lets go insane!

Angel in tight back jeans with your dragon tattoo
7000 miles across the ocean,
I'm still in love with you
Sometimes I'm lost
so far from home
hangin' out on the corner
like a dog without a bone
begging quarters for the phone-
skipping like a stone
"hey have you seen Lenny??"

(I used to see Lenny Kaye every single day when I hung out on St. Marks and 3rd. When I was kind of drifting... and he was always smiling at me and kind)